Community Business Awareness Safety Update

Helping Local Consumers Support Local Businesses While Remaining Safe

Shared Cost Email Campaigns Sent to 50,000 Local Residents Weekly

The Huge Need

Your Customers Are Confused...Confused Customers Don't Buy

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic has wreaked havoc on our daily lives and will likely be with us for some time.
  • COVID-19 has now forced your customer's to consider "our safety" when making buying decisions...this won't go away soon.
  • Many businesses have been forced to shut down while others have changed operating hours, staffing levels and operating policies..
  • ​Most consumers are "sheltering in place" and thus are not aware of your changing policies or even if you are open for business.
  • ​Given the current environment, it's difficult to keep spending money on "normal" advertising and promotion campaigns
  • ​Problem: You need a cost-effective advertising solution to reach your customers and eliminate the confusion.

The Logical Idea

Join Our Local Business Advertising Co-op

We are offering affordable "shared" email campaigns up to 50,000 consumers per local city/zip code.
Each week, we will send 50,000 consumers in your market area a "Shared Cost" email blast which will provide links to all of our featured local businesses' websites so your customers (and new ones) will be able to see that you are open for business, what you are offering and when, and how they can conduct business with you safely.
Since the cost of these EmailingPros Blasts is "shared" by all the participating businesses, you can get your message out each week to local area consumers while saving thousands of dollars each week and keeping your business viable until the situation improves.

Our #1 Goal is to Help Local Businesses and Communities Connect

The "Shared" Costs

Normally, EmailingPros Campaigns Cost Thousands...
But, Our Weekly Shared Campaigns Cost Much, Much Less!!

The Email Layout

One Header Sponsor | $199/Week (C-19 Special) - Normally $299/Week

Header Featured Sponsor
600 x 200 
Add a logo or image 
Link to your website or offer

Featured Ads | Total of Nine​ | $59/Week (C-19 Special)- Normally $99/Week

One Footer Sponsor | $119/Week (C-19 Special)- Normally $199/Week

One Footer Sponsor 
600 x 200 
Add a logo or image 
Link to your website or offer

Getting Started Today is Simple...

  • There are no setup fees.
  • Email campaigns will run weekly on Tuesday afternoon. All advertising information and material must be provided before Monday at noon.
  • We will need a minimum of three featured ads to run a weekly campaign in your local community.
  • Promote this website to other business owners in your local community who may benefit.
  • ​Consumers desperately need this information weekly and will be grateful you are participating.
  • ​We will target 50,000 local consumers in and around your city/zip code.
  • ​Just complete the sign up process below.
  • ​We will be in contact to get your listing information, website link and image if you are a featured sponsor or advertiser.
  • ​If we don't have sufficient advertisers for a weekly promotion, we will notify you and hold your ad for a subsequent email campaign.
  • ​After each campaign, you will receive a tracking report showing how many clicks you received to your website from the email.
  • ​If you have any questions at any time, just call us.

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